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Why Purcell Care Center?

Why Purcell Care Center?

Locally owned and operated, our family has been caring and helping families for over 50 years. You want your loved one to receive loving, caring, high-quality professional health care; Purcell Care Center strives to provide that to every resident. 

Our primary role is to help your loved one gain and maintain as much control and independence in their lives as possible.  We emphasize strengths, not limitations, providing the appropriate setting and levels of care that enable individuals to reach their highest functional level, and we do so while preserving each person's dignity and sense of well being. 

To ensure that your loved one maintains a well-balanced lifestyle, we offer a variety of therapeutic leisure activities designed to meet psychological, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.



Vive l'amour! 

Life changes us.  Our physical features change.  Our appetites change.  Our way of looking at the world changes.  One thing that never changes, though, is the need to love and be loved. 

Every year, our residents elect members of their community to be King and Queen for our Valentine's Day party.  We love our residents and try to show them so every day, but this day is especially fun!


Fall Festival

Who doesn't like dressing up for Halloween?  This is always a fun time for staff and residents, alike!


Thanksgiving Dinner

You don't have to miss Thanksgiving Dinner with your loved ones just because you are staying in a nursing facility.   We love creating this moment for friends and families to join us in gratitude for our blessings!

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